In the warranty servicing industry, there are 2 separate but equally important groups. The manufacturers that create a product and those who manage to break those products. These are their stories. 

These are real images of real graphics cards returned to XFX for servicing under warranty. Please be kind to your expensive computer parts. Maintenance and proper care is important. 

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Call an exterminator!!

Roaches living in someone's computer, Seriously, gross. 

Hairy 295x2

As you can see, the external radiator fins are completely clogged. Unfortunately this unit doesn't show any video signal, wont be an easy repair. Complained of overheating prior to failure, go figure. 

12x 7900 Series GPU's in one box

In this one box was 12x 7900 series graphics cards (likely from a crypto currency miner). Unfortunately most of the cards arrived with circuitry knocked off the PCBs or other physical damage. An attempt to save in shipping cost ended up costing quite a bit. 

Crushed XTR PSU

This was shipped in without a box, it was stuffed into a USPS bubble envelope somehow. As you can see it didn't make the journey to our service center =(.

The Filthiest 380x Ever

Pretty sure the computer this card came from also housed a family of cats or other furry critters. 

Why bother with maintenance?

It's amazing that this is how we receive cards at times. A can of compressed air can do wonders at preserving the lifespan of your computer components.