All New XFX Mid Tower Type-01 PC Cases

Introducing the first line of PC cases from XFX, the TYPE01 Series. With a history of providing graphics solutions for gamers, XFX has branched out into developing new products tailored to the needs of gamers. Inspired by the innovation and progress made to date, we proceeded to think outside the beige box. Developed to float your case and your components off the surface of where it sits, we’ve thought through everything from airflow to aesthetic appeal. We look forward to continually expanding our reach to put the XFX touch to everything that is gaming.

XFX Style Seamless Disc Drive Bays

Design thats been thought out in every detail.

Built-in automatic disc drive tray doors hide your drives elegantly so that it blends in with the overall case design. Supports up to 3 hidden front load drives. (not compatible with slot-load drives)

Easy AccessI/O Panel On Top

Quickly plug in your commonly used I/O devices.

Elegantly designed top access panel supports up to 2 USB 3.0 ports and 2 USB 2.0 ports. It also features input for an external microphone and output for external audio including speakers and headsets.

Tooless Drive Bay Design

Quickly and easily remove or install drives in an instant.

The XFX Type 1 PC Cases' tool-less design allows you to add and remove hard drives and front load drive bays without any screws or tools. Various slides, pins and locking mechanism let you easily add and remove these components quickly and simply.

XFX Bravo Exclusive Floating Design

Better Airflow and Dust Resistance

The XFX Type 1 PC Case has a floating design which elevates the case on a platform which not only gives it a floating feel but also creates ample space for pulling in cool air from the base up through the case to keep your internal case temperatures lower than other cases.

Standard ATX Design & Compatibility

Compatible with all ATX motherboards including Full ATX and Mini ATX form factors.

Supports standard ATX I/O design motherboards with expandability of up to eight (8) expansion card slots. The XFX Type 1 PC case also features a larger fan for greater airflow and unique XFX cable grommets perfect for organizing cables and removable for easy liquid cooling installations.

XFX High Ventilation Design

Open vent slot design is both beautiful and functional.

The XFX Type 1 PC case's design features a high ventilation design with top to botom vent grills on both the front and sides of the case. This gives your PC maximum airflow while still maintaining an elegant cohesive design throughout the case.

Great Fan Expandability

Supports up to 8 case fans in total.

The XFX Type 1 PC case supports up to 8 fans including front, top, rear, bottom and sides. This design architecture will let you maximize your airflow design to keep your PC running cool.